AUGUST 17, 2019
  1. THere will be 5 divisions for P & I , Open, Limited, Production and PCC.
    Carry Optics has been added this year. There must be at least 6 competitors in the Carry Optics Division to make this Division seperate from the Open Division.
  2. The PCC division will not compete for overall but rather their specific class.
  3. Registration, Hotels, Motels, Shoot Day Agenda, Classification Rules and Awards
  4. 2019 P & I Pistol Championship flyer
    We are not able at the present time to accept credit cards so payment will have to be sent by mail. Deadline for trophy eligibility applies. July 31, 2019
  6. You will be able to squad on Practiscore after your entry fee is received.
  7. ENTRY FEE - $50 and $25 for Juniors ---- AFTER August 1 - $90 and $40 for Juniors
  8. Send Payment to: AMPC
    2911 Ann Drive
    Midland, TX. 79705
    Payable to AMPC
  9. 2019 P & I Stage Descriptions
    Graphics by Francis Livingston
  10. P & I Target Scoring - A = 0, B = +.2 sec, C = +.5 sec, Miss = +3 sec, Procedural = +5 sec., Max Stage Time = 60 Sec.
  12. Paper and Iron winners (1988 to 2003) ***2004*** ***2005*** ***2006*** ***2011*** ***2012*** ***2015*** ***2016*** ***2017*** ***2018*** ***2019***
  13. "Top of The Class" Shootoff Winners
  14. 2016 - Don Bednorz
  15. 2017 - Francis Livingston - 11.70 Seconds
  16. 2018 - Don Bednorz
  17. Paper & Iron Wall of Fame
  18. Over the years that Paper & Iron has existed, the match has been blessed with having some of the finest competitors in the nation participate. From Rob Leatham, Jerry Miculek, Brian Enos and Mike Voight, just to name a few. A number of other really good shooters have crossed our shooters box and turned in truly strong performances. But perhaps one name stands out as the KING OF PAPER & IRON, a true gentleman of the sport, with a fiery competitive nature --- his name is Don Bednorz. Don has been a competitor and ambassador of this match for years and has amassed a record that is unmatched. Over the last 22 Paper & Iron matches, Don has outright won 9 of them! Of the 176 stages shot in those 22 matches, Don has won 50 of them! We feel this is a truly remarkable accomplishment and would just like to give Don a *shout out* for his outstanding accomplishment.
    Action Masters Pistol Club
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