Action Masters Pistol Club was formed in 1986, by a like minded group of individuals, interested in competition shooting. Originally the primary interest of the club was that of USPSA type pistol competition, however as years went by, the clubs interests broadened. A group within the club began to shoot the Masters International Shooting Championship in Illinois. After some 25 years of participating in that match, various members have won numerous National Championships. The members continued in their varied interest and several began shooting the Sportsman's Team Challenge National Championships and after many years, AMPC teams have won more National Championships then any other club in the U.S.. AMPC has a complete array of the steel targets used at STC Nationals, as well as the resetting 22 rim fire Precision plates used at the Masters. Continuing in time and interests, the AMPC members began to venture out into USPSA 3 Gun competition and currently are hosting Tactical Rifle matches and Precision Rifle competitions as well with their new range being capable of presenting targets out to 1,000 yards. AMPC is a member's only club, with a limited membership. Their matches are advertised and open to the public. It is the goal of AMPC to provide its members with a first class facility in which to practice and compete in various disciplines and a shooter friendly environment for the members and their families.
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